Volunteering with CFT

Are you passionate about fair trade?

Eager to make a difference in your community? 


If so, Chicago Fair Trade would love to welcome you into our strong community of dedicated volunteers.

Volunteer opportunities range from participating in direct actions on World Fair Trade Day to serving on the floor of our annual Holiday Pop-Up Market and sharing with customers the mission and vision of Chicago Fair Trade. 

Student groups, families, and individuals alike are welcome to volunteer with Chicago Fair Trade, as we are always seeking new volunteers.

If you are interested in learning more about opportunities to volunteer or want to join our volunteer mailing list, please send an email to Volunteering@chicagofairtrade.org.

So, what's it like to volunteer with CFT?

The sense of community and camaraderie among CFT volunteers is unparalleled, and volunteers attest to a strong sense of fulfillment garnered in their volunteer roles. This sense of community is well reflected in the blog post of the avid volunteer, fair trade enthusiast, Andrea Dennis.

"We truly care for each other, we support each other's projects, and we like to have fun. It is a very healthy mix of friendship and professional support."

andrea dennis

cft board member and longtime supporter

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