Friday, August 22, 2014
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Chicago Goals for Becoming a Fair Trade City

Chicago Goal


1. A resolution will be passed by the Chicago City Council supporting fair trade and encouraging procurement of FT products by city agencies.


Passed by City Council February 2010.
2. Fair Trade products will be available throughout the city, at least 1 outlet in each of the 77 Chicago Community areas. Also, based on our population of about 3 million, we want 1 outlet per 10,000 people, that is 300 outlets within the City Reached 309 in February 2011.

3. Fair Trade products will be used in institutions such as congregations, schools, universities, hospitals and workplaces, with at least 1 FT institution in each of Chicago's 77 Community Areas.
Compiling data on fair trade institutions.

4. This Campaign will bring increased media attention to Fair Trade and broaden support for Fair Trade by the City.
Annual celebration of  World Fair Trade Day in Daley Plaza since May 2008 in collaboration with the City's Dept of Environment. 


5. Chicago Fair Trade is a coalition of businesses, faith organizations, universities, non-profits and individuals who will continue to steer the process.


Established June 2006.


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